Wonderfully Weird - Can my shirt help the Cubs?

Wonderfully Weird - Can my shirt help the Cubs?

I’m a kook. Not like walking down the sidewalk screaming the “End is Near!” But odd, like I think the shirt I wear determines if the Cubs win or lose. I’m serious. It rules my world. I actually look at clothes as if they can control the world around me. College football…same thing. I won’t wear certain things on Saturday because I’ve deemed them “bad luck.” I used to this with work clothes too. Had a bad day? That outfit would go on the shelf to clean it’s bad juju.

For example, last night, in all my wisdom I decided to try and install a new cable box.  I foolishly though I could get it done in an hour.  Spoiler, didn’t happen in six hours time.  But after two hours of failure it came time for us to decide what to watch.  Sadly, we went with the debate.  A choice I now regret but here is where my insanity comes in.  With the Cubs scoring 10 runs without my viewership, I’m now convinced I shouldn’t watch the game tonight because they might do well again.  Fun right?

It started for me when I played sports as a young man.  Had a good game?  I’d wear those socks again.  Or in college if I scored a phone number wearing my best flannel shirt (it was the 90’s) and I’d be sure to wear it the next night out.  So ya, I’m a bit goofy.

So what’s weird about you?

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