Pick a winner - or not?

Pick a winner - or not?

As a major city in our great nation, I believe we have the responsibility to “act the part.” Be the City that earned its reputation as the “city with broad shoulders.” But let’s face it, this year hasn’t been kind to us. Chicago has been taking it on the chin. Our gun violence is beyond any comprehension. On a recent trip to Colorado, I boarded a train. Yes a freaking train. Call me old school but it was pretty fun! This trip was very eye opening to a group of folks I normally wouldn’t have rubbed elbows with. Old folks, young folks, dirty folks, drunk folks, and of course those that wanted to stay off the grid. So when then conversations turned to politics in the observation car I was sitting in with my kids, I was sure to perk up my ears. This paid off when they started talking about Chicago and how stupid they (we in Chicago) are. How our “strict gun laws were the problem.” That it was, “caused by liberals and their “pussy” attitude about the right to bear arms.”   That, “if they were in charge they would give every resident a gun and things would shake out in a cloud of gun smoke.”

Did I mention this was out in the open? While I caught a few glances from others seemingly as troubled by these comments as I, no one challenged the two angry fellas. These two reeked of black helicopters, cover-ups and Trump Kool-Aid.

But back to my point, as a major city, Chicago is being kicked around like a can in the 1930’s. On the national news, in the presidential debates, and almost everywhere else you can imagine. Which is why learning our flagship daily paper has endorsed Johnson for President seems to be a ridiculous blunder! With the nation and the world already looking down their collective noses at us, the Tribune and all their glory pick a man that has made a fool of himself not once but twice by being painfully confused/dimwitted/out of his depth when asked about the world outside our country. Aleppo? ANY world leader? We’re not talking the GDP of Vietnam. No “gotcha” journalism here – just two basic questions that I would expect anyone to answer if they were interested in our country’s top job. Well aside from Trump. I wouldn’t trust him with my fish tank let alone my country.   How can our city’s (arguably) biggest paper pick this…um…err…guy? Especially, at a time when the stakes are so high. When every vote will seemingly chose our fate.

It’s just plain stupid.

Almost as stupid as the candidate they picked.


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