I've got the Election Blues

I've got the Election Blues
No matter the venue, website, or discussion.  Tis the season for political banter.  I, for one, am so sick of all of it.  I have been getting more and more worked up as every tweet, post, and poll hits the web.  Should I mention that I add a lot of those posts.  I think I need to retreat back to the cannabis friendly state of Colorado, so I can chill the fuck out!  Of course, if Illinois government was nice enough to add PTSD to the list of ailments to obtain a medical marijuana card, I would be first in line!  But I digress.
I don’t know about you, but I’m scared shitless for our country come election day.  I am glad my polling place is a few blocks away and I work from home because I think it’s going to be a complete shit show out there on November 8th.
Why am I scared?
Number one, that our apricot nightmare of a candidate will not concede and our national nightmare will keep going and going like an evil and horny “Trump-ergizer Bunny.”
Second, that the knuckle dragging Trump Army (supporters) will take his “orders” and actually try to keep people from voting by any means necessary.  I’m looking at you southern states.  Keep your shit on lock, mmkay?
Third, if the kitty grabbing, Cheeto-faced, hate gnome actually wins! I assume we would all be forced to live under black skies and a never ending electrical storm, a la the Matrix, until the nukes started flying whereas we’d all live in a MadMax world.
So yes, I’m a little stressed these days.  Apparently, I’m not alone either.  I’ve seen multiple posts and studies discussing the negative effects of this election.  So let’s put a fork in this sucker quick, or we best be handing out the PTSD joints stat!
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