Wanna look smart? Start asking questions

Wanna look smart?  Start asking questions

You know…I always thought I should try and be the smartest guy in the room.   I wanted to have the answers.  I wanted to be in the “know.” But that just ain’t in my cards. Lucky for me I’ve come to understand that it’s more important to know how to ask the “right questions” than it is to try and learn everything.

Disclaimer – this does not mean you should quit learning or simply begin to rely on everyone else to move your career and life along.  Far from it!  To know the right questions, you’ll need to stay in touch.  You’ll need to remain engaged.  Especially if you want to stay effective in whatever venture or path you’re focusing on.  Wasting the time of  your “experts” or “go-to answer people” will only isolate you.  These valuable resources need to be rewarded and thanked whenever possible.  I mean, how hard do you work for people that don’t appreciate you?

Further to this theory, I believe it’s important to become skilled at accessing the many resources we have available.  I mean, a wifi or cell signal is all you need!

That’s right, Google baby!  You can learn basically anything if you are willing to put in just the right combination of words.  Have you tried to find an answer only to fail after several tries? Then to further the frustration, have someone else get the answer right away on his or her’s FIRST TRY?  That’s the skill I’m talking about – it’s knowing how to ask the right questions.

So friends, fear not. I’m here to tell you that you don’t have ALL the answers.  The world will not pass you by if you focus on mastering the ability to ask the right questions.  I’ll get you started. It is a question that is always “in play” and can always further a conversation.    I heard it many years ago from a valued mentor.  It’s simply, “can you tell me more?”

Simple right?  Keep your experts talking!  You might just learn something AND get the project done quicker than expected.


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