One small victory for man - One giant leap for my parenting ego

One small victory for man - One giant leap for my parenting ego

My son has informed me that he would one of the big houses that line the several streets we walk through to get to his neighborhood school.

“Two new ones are being built right now,” he notes.  “Can we get one?”

Now I’ve learned sarcasm doesn’t yet play with my kids.  Their still forming little brains can’t register it.  They take everything I say at face value.  So, as a guy with a smart mouth, this is my own personal kryptonite.  But I digress…

I answer, “What do we need all that space for?  It’s just going to mean we’ll have to clean ALL the time.”

He quickly counters, “It would be worth it, I’ll clean all the time.”

“Uh huh, well buddy, we can’t afford these new houses.  These places are really (stupid) expensive, ” I calmly reply.  I can see him chewing on this fact for a moment.

“Well our house is getting more modern, so I guess that’s okay,” He happily says.

“Modern?  What has become more modern about our place?” I curiously ask.

“You built me that shelf, don’t you remember?” He answers.

It was true.  I built a three piece framed shelf for his closet, complete with two new bars to hang his clothes…The kid LOVES organization…However I’m not sure how modern it was…but was I going to bask in this glory no matter what?  You bet I was!

At this moment, my heart filled with the knowledge that while life can be tricky, my building a shelf that my son designed and asked for made an impact.  A simple request was fulfilled and he was satisfied.  He’s NEVER satisfied.  So I indeed basked in the glory of being a GOOD parent.  I won.  I won a tiny victory.  But it gives me hope that I may be able to do it again. I better too. Because there’s no way this papa bear is going to buy any BIG house anytime soon unless some Powerball money lands in my account!


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