I put my phone down...and survived

I put my phone down...and survived

I was pushed to do something lately that has changed my take on things.  I actually put my phone down and participated in life instead of just taking pictures of it.  I mean, let’s face it, I’m not a photography powerhouse as it is, so why not put the damn phone down and join in the fun.  I think like most people these days, we tend to document our life instead of living it.  I know I have. I post pictures and silly jokes to amuse my virtual friends rather than stepping onto the field and playing for myself.  However, last weekend I didn’t take pictures of my daughter’s soccer game (AYSO) on the lakefront, I actually got involved.  Granted it was due to the fact that our Ref didn’t show and my big butt was “volun-told” to take the officiating duties by her Coach.  I hesitated at first, because I don’t know much about the game of Soccer.  I mean I played when I was a kid (like most of us) but my expertise runs down the Football, Basketball, and Baseball veins.  Heck even Hockey I would have more confidence with but I had to shed my fear of failure and safe place of photo taking.

I know I’m making this a big deal.  I mean we’re talking about 7-8 year old girls playing Soccer without goalies, but I didn’t want to look a fool in front of my daughter.  Wow.  I said it.  I didn’t even realize that was an issue until I was faced with something I didn’t feel confident in.  I mean, I’m “Daddy” to her and my Son. They think I’m all-powerful and wise, if I looked like a clown I feared it could jeopardize my “Dad Cred.”  Duty called and I answered!  Brave?  Not really…but different?  Yes!

It turns out that being included in her game was really fun and fortunately I didn’t fall, act the fool, or get yelled at by a parent.  I realized that there’s more to life than capturing it for a Facebook post.  Now I’m not saying, there’s no time for Facebook posts or sharing life via Social Media.  It is the path that my friends and family get to experience my life.  My kids are documented well via Facebook and I think there is something cool about that.  Creepy, but cool at the same time, if that makes sense?

What I am trying to say is that I’ve realized that getting involved and running with your kids rather than watching them through the screen of your phone can make memories that they and you will not soon forget.

Have you made this leap?  I know I’m late to the party but talk to me!


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