How to break from something you need and want?

I think it’s about time to take a break from the 24 hour news cycle.  Iraq, Robin Williams, Ebola, Israel…I’m spent.  My phone blows up 24/7 with breaking news.  Twitter – a constant flow of what is going wrong.  I mean let’s face it, the news is primarily bad. I mean it’s the nature of the beast.  What do people want to wait to the next segment for?  Find out the thing in their closet that may kill them.  Or, how a person is attacking random people in their neighborhood.


But, fact is, these messages are too easy to find.  Now that we’re wired from every part of the globe, we get everyone’s news!  So anything bad, anywhere, we’re going to hear about it, read about it, and see it!

Since my children are small and just now understanding how to read, it scares me when the news pops on.  My son nervously asks, is that in Chicago?  Did someone get shot?  Did they Die?

Yowza, no wonder I’ve been keeping the channel on Disney for the past six years!  No one dies, no one really even cries.  In cartoons, the sun is shining and the worst problems are solved by Toodles, a fairy or a little pixie dust.  Can I move there?  I’ll do whatever it takes!

But there are no flights to the Mickey Mouse Club House – I’ve looked.

But how can you really quit the news?  Quit the information?  I crave it.  Down to the weather!  I’m always checking the radar for rain, the forecast to make plans.  Even checking in on friends via Facebook or Twitter isn’t possible without seeing a piece of news.  Social Media is where we share our thoughts, fears and successes.  It’s how we react.  It’s how many folks exist!  They are virtual links to the world, bad news and all, is not something we can easily shut off.

So while I’d like to unplug, checkout and ignore the constant flow of information, it’s just not possible.  At least for me.  When my family and I went camping this summer, ever adult would check in when in range of a cell tower.  Even though we all vowed to stay off the grid.  We all broke our own rules and checked in, constantly.  We posted, we emailed and texted.

But for me at least, I need to begin to make sure to fill  my many screens with positive stories to help combat those about torture and pain.  I need the sweet to add to the sour.

How do you walk the line between, keeping updated and becoming overloaded?  Please share in comments below!

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