My name is James Warda, and I'm many things all at the same time. As we all are.

I'm a writer and speaker. An author. A musician who sings and plays guitar for a blues and funk band. I'm also a father of three and a husband of one (that works out well). And I've been a communications professional at large corporations for over twenty years. Which all brings me to that fateful - and faithful - day.

When I was driving on the tollway, part of my regular morning commute. But that day, for some reason, I decided to slow down. Not too quickly, though, since I was in the center lane. More like a gradual easing off of the gas pedal. Then, when I did, I noticed how fast everyone was going past me, whooshing right by, many with faces set in stone as they made their way through another day that was so much like the one before. And I realized that I’d just been doing the same thing, on auto pilot. And I wondered if I might be doing that in other areas of my life, too.

It was then that I began to realize that I had to pay more attention, to wake up. The way I learned to do that is by noticing my moments more, and sharing what I find with others. They show me what matters in my life and what kind of person I need to be. And they let me know that what I've been looking for, I often already have.

So, to put it simply, I want to show you what I've seen. I want to help you find the lessons sitting in your own everyday moments, the ones you can walk right by as you hurry to a meeting or worry about paying your bills.

Once you see these lessons, you won't be able to un-see them. And, as you do, you'll start noticing even more, about what's around you, what you feel and what you believe.  Then your life will begin to change, as you share what you find with others. You'll get closer to the people in your life. You'll find new ways to get back to who you were supposed to be. And, you'll also learn something else. That you're not alone, and that you've got a hand to hold onto on this journey.

So, with that, let's get started. And, of course, I'd love to hear from you. After all, that's the whole point, as we realize we're all in this together.

You can reach me at jwarda7@comcast.net, @jameswarda on Twitter or on Facebook at @wherearewegoingsofast.com.