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A Coincidental Conversation about Codependency (and more) with Ross Rosenberg

Funny how things work, isn’t it? How coincidences so often are anything but? Like recently, when I came across a YouTube video by Ross Rosenberg, a psychotherapist, author, speaker, and trainer, among other roles. I was out for a run, listening to videos (yes, I know, I used to listen to Led Zeppelin while working... Read more »

Led Zeppelin and Loyola: It's time to ramble on

Led Zeppelin had it right. It’s time to ramble on.Loyola University Chicago makes a promise − “to prepare people to lead extraordinary lives.” Having taught there and graduated from there in the 80s (or, as I tell my students, “before electricity”), I have seen that promise come true again and again.And that’s why it’s so... Read more »

Disney World turned this Chicago man into a five-year-old boy

Disney World turned this Chicago man into a five-year-old boy
Disney World recently turned me into a five-year-old again. We were visiting my son in Orlando, and I was finally going to go on “Rise of the Resistance” and “Flight of Passage.” I’m not going to talk about the rides themselves, because I really do believe that everyone who wants to — should have the... Read more »

Born at DePaul University, the band "Chicago" holds the secret to finding our “hook”

Before I wrote this guest blog for Ron Culp, Graduate Professional Program Director of Public Relations and Advertising at DePaul University, for his site, I had no idea that the band Chicago was born at DePaul and holds the secret to finding our “hook.” _________________________________________________________________________ Contact me at and learn more at Comments... Read more »