"Be safe" − what we're really saying when we say this

"Be safe" − what we're really saying when we say this

I say and hear it often. I’m guessing you do, too.

But, sometimes, because it’s usually said quickly and has become almost cliché by now, we can miss it if we’re not paying attention.

“Be safe.”

When I’m at the store, drive-thru window at a fast-food restaurant, or picking something up at the library, I’ll say it to the person helping me. Because I appreciate what they’re facing to provide me a service. Taking a risk.

As a parent, “Be safe” has always been my traditional tagline to my kids whenever they were about to go out for the evening, take a long road trip, etc. As it is with millions of parents around the world.

When I say it, I can almost hear them roll their eyes, as I did when my parents said it. But I’m guessing that, somewhere inside, they like it — as I did, too.

Because it means I care.

Just as, when we’re saying “Be safe” to each other now, it actually means, “Hey, I know we’re all going through this craziness together, and all the other weird stuff going on, so I just wanted you to know that someone cares about and appreciates you.”

When the pandemic is over, I’m assuming we won’t say “Be safe” to each other anymore, which is kind of sad.

So, I think we should come up with a post-pandemic farewell, one that also shows kindness and caring.

Any ideas?



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