Hitting "the wall" of COVID-19 (and what to do about it)

Hitting "the wall" of COVID-19 (and what to do about it)

I hit the COVID wall.

I’m a runner. Kind of. And I run long distances. Sometimes.

When running a long-distance race, you’ll typically hit “the wall.”

What’s the wall?

It’s that place where you just don’t feel like you can go on. When you’ve used up every ohm of energy. When the hills seem steeper and the wind blows hard no matter which direction you’re facing. And even little kids and parents with strollers are leaving you behind.

When you hit the wall, there’s only two things you can do. Stop or keep going.

If you want to stop, you walk off to the side.

But to keep going, you literally take it one step at a time. For me, I look down at the pavement, so that I don’t see how far I still have to go. And I breathe slower and deeper.

Yes, with the wall, you’ve got two choices.

Well, with COVID rising again in many places, winter coming, and no way to know where are in the race, we also have two choices.

It’s not fun. It hurts bad. And we’ll have moments where we literally think we can’t endure.

Two choices.

But, really, only one, because we’re not quitters.

So, tell you what, let’s just run alongside each other for awhile. When you falter, I’ll urge you on. When I stumble, you’ll steady me.

After all, that’s how marathons are run.

One brilliant, bloodied step at a time.





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