Learning More about Letting Go

Learning More about Letting Go

We dropped our youngest off at college this past weekend.

While there, I went out for a run, pausing at the end, near the bottom of the main hill in the campus. Already emotionally drained from the months-long process of saying goodbye to our daughter (knowing it also meant the empty nest awaited us back in a too-quiet home) and physically drained from running in the Southern heat, I looked up at the college building, its with accompanying bell tower, on top of the hill.

As I did, I decided to take off my headphones, to be present with the moment as I finished the hardest part of the run. As soon as I started running up the hill, though, the bells in the tower started playing a song, as if to urge me on. Then, at the top, I found both a fountain and a shiny new penny next to it. So I made a wish.

Sometimes, we need to make things happen.

And, sometimes, we need to let them happen.

And, at all times, we’re learning more about letting go.





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