When exactly did I move to Seattle?: Reflections on Chicago's Unending Rain

When exactly did I move to Seattle?: Reflections on Chicago's Unending Rain

When did I move to Seattle?

I thought I lived in Chicago. But, somehow, over the last few weeks, our city has been transformed.


By rain.

Rain in the morning.

Rain in the afternoon.

Rain in the night.

Rain in between every hour, in the pauses between the paragraphs, everywhere, in bloated rivers, splashing on windshields, puddling in backyards, turning dirt to mud, and mud to clay.

Constantly falling forever. Sogging my dress shoes as I slog to the car, and forcing me to use the hood on my winter coat. An incomprehensible giving in.

No sun. Not even a hint. Only clouds. And clouds. And clouds.

And clouds again. With grays and darker grays splotched across their swollen bellies.

The dreariest days, a wet, woolen blanket thrown over everything.

Hard to believe that above the clouds it’s bright blue.

No, the sun won’t come out tomorrow.

When did I move to Seattle?

With its misty mornings, and moss growing in sidewalk cracks and crumbling mortar between the bricks of old buildings. And rain, unending, unyielding rain.

And, sometimes, oh those horrible times, here, the spring rain changes to snow. A final insult.

When did this city of big shoulders start carrying an umbrella?

When did I move to Seattle?

And, when, oh when, can I move back?



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