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What Kind of Language Program Should My Kids Take?

So you’ve made the right decision and decided to get your kids learning a foreign language. But, you need to find classes because you don’t speak one yourself. Well, what do you look for? You’re looking for two key elements – fun and immersion. And both really boil down to excellent teachers. Do you remember... Read more »

Teaching Our Toddler Chinese Characters Before the Alphabet

Back to school, back to Chinese.  Gotta prepare my daughter for the future where China has taken all the jobs :).  Probably not true, but China has certainly become an economic powerhouse with a huge market of consumers and has become impossible for most businesses to ignore.   An ability to speak and write Chinese... Read more »

The International Traveling Toddler

Jasmine has become quite the international traveler.  She just got back from her 6th trip to a foreign country – in this case Turkey, where my wife’s family lives.  My wife and daughter were there for a month and a half and I got off of work to join for the last 2 weeks.  Jasmine... Read more »