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Monolingual Parents Supporting Children's Language Learning

One of the strangest concerns I get from parents interested in language learning is the “But if I don’t speak the language, how do I support my child at home?” question. The desire to support your child at home is fantastic, but language learning is no different from art, violin, tennis, or advanced math lessons... Read more »

How Many Words Do you Know for Dog? - Why Learning Another Language is Way Easier Than You Think

This Thanksgiving weekend, I was once again amazed by my two-year-old multilingual child.  She proved, once again, that learning multiple languages is way easier than you think.  As so many of us multilingual parents and bloggers have experienced, people think multiple languages will confuse a child.  The thing with languages, your first or any other,... Read more »

Helping Your Child Expand Their Language

Do I really want to share tips on how to get kids talking more? Like our kids don’t talk enough already, right?  Just kidding. A rich oral language environment that increases oral proficiency is one of the best predictors of early childhood success, in a 1st language or any other.  As a long-time second language... Read more »

5 Fears of Bilingual Parents - Halloween Edition

Raising a bilingual or multilingual child isn’t easy.  Like any parent, we’re worried if we’re making the right choice, if we’re going to succeed and truly help our child.  Bilingual parent forums are filled with endless questions, doubts, and concerns.  The experts and the research says it’s the right thing to do, but it’s still... Read more »

What Kind of Language Program Should My Kids Take?

So you’ve made the right decision and decided to get your kids learning a foreign language. But, you need to find classes because you don’t speak one yourself. Well, what do you look for? You’re looking for two key elements – fun and immersion. And both really boil down to excellent teachers. Do you remember... Read more »

Get Your Child Learning a Foreign Language Right Now

If you don’t have a child in a foreign language program, you need to start now. Children already start shutting out unknown foreign languages by the age of 3. They lose the ability to easily identify and make unfamiliar sounds by the age of 6. And by the age of 12, foreign grammar becomes much... Read more »

Speaking to My Daughter in Chinese as a Non-native

I’m American of European descent.  My wife is Turkish.  I speak only Chinese to my 2-year-old daughter.  And, oh yeah, my Chinese isn’t great.  Sounds strange?  It certainly feels that way sometimes.   Trying to speak Chinese to my daughter at all times has not been any easy choice, especially as I’m often not confident... Read more »