Hi, Merhaba, Ni Hao, Hola!   I'm a dad living on the North Shore of Chicago doing my best to raise a multilingual child.  I'm American, my wife is Turkish, and we had our daughter while I was working for Disney in Shanghai, China.  This blog is about the adventures of my daughter and I as we explore the North Shore and the world!  We are currently raising my daughter in three languages - English, Chinese, and Turkish - while also adding weekly Spanish lessons into the mix.  This is incredibly challenging for us and this blog will also explore tips for raising multilingual children as well as resources in and around Chicago.

A little about the title - Where are We Going, Dad?  It speaks to the wonderful excitement of exploring the world through the eyes of my daughter as we discover and learn new things.  It is also the translated title of one of my favorite Chinese reality TV shows - Baba qu nar? - a show about celebrity dads traveling around China with their children and doing various challenges.  Very cute and very fun.  You can check out an example on youtube here.

I hope you can come and join us on our journey :)!

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Golden Temple in Japan