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Playing with Language - A Sign of Success

My daughter has been doing some amazing stuff recently.  Language is fluid.  It changes every generation and we always use it in new ways.  People just really like to play with it.  We mess up grammar on purpose – “Now you done did it”, change our accent, or make up new words like “ginormous”.  Playing... Read more »

Why I Don't Like Overseas Language Camps

For families with the means, overseas language camps are a growing industry in children’s language education. The idea is a based on a good assumption that immersion in the foreign language is best learned in the country where it’s spoken. However, children living in their home country of course don’t need to learn the language.... Read more »

Dual Immersion - Adding the Conversation Component

“Ni jiao shen me ming zi?” (what’s your name), I ask one of my students who’s been in a Chinese immersion program for the past 3 years.  In response, I get a blank look and no answer.  After several prompts, she finally gives me only her name, not using a single Chinese word .  I... Read more »