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Should Bilingual Children Learn English First?

An idea I come across fairly often is the thought that children need to learn English before learning another language.  The basic assumption here is that children cannot learn two languages at once.  This is just not true.  Sixty-six percent of children, over 2/3rds of the world, grow up bilingual or trilingual.  It’s actually the... Read more »

Varying Exposure in Children's Language Learning

Have you ever noticed that you tend to talk about the same things at home over and over?  How often do you find yourself discussing world geography or Chinese history at home?  The fact is that household language is fairly routine and formulaic.  Variation is of large significance when helping your child grow up multilingual.... Read more »

One of the Luckiest Dads in the World

I count myself as one of the luckiest dads in the world.  When my daughter, Jasmine, was born, she was born premature in a not-so-good Chinese hospital.  My wife had pregnancy complications that affected her chance of surviving to birth.  We weren’t given much information by the non-English speaking staff, but we understood that every... Read more »

When Raising a Bilingual Child, Consistency is the Key

My daughter, Jasmine, and I were sitting at the table playing and I was talking to my wife in Turkish that it was bed time for Jasmine.  Jasmine looked at me and said, “不要睡觉 (I don’t want to sleep).”  She completely understood that we were speaking in Turkish about her bed time, but when she... Read more »