I Have an Accent and I'm OK with That

That’s right.  I have an accent and I’m OK with that.  I have an accent when I speak Chinese, I have one when I speak Turkish, and, guess what, I even have one when I speak English.  That’s because everyone has an accent.  The rhythm and sounds in our speech our unique to our place of origin.  In English, Brits speak different than Americans.  Those in the American South speak different from those in the North.  A New York Brooklyn accent is different from a Queens one.

This is why I always find the desire to have a “native-speaking teacher” a bit absurd.  What does that even mean?  Does it mean you’d prefer to hire someone from Swamp People, who even Americans need subtitles to understand, to teach you English over someone from say, Spain?

The key to language is communication and that means intelligibility.  If you can be understood clearly when you speak, then it doesn’t matter that you don’t sound like someone from wherever.  Cause, let’s face it, someone will always think you sound funny.

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