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How Many Words Do you Know for Dog? - Why Learning Another Language is Way Easier Than You Think

This Thanksgiving weekend, I was once again amazed by my two-year-old multilingual child.  She proved, once again, that learning multiple languages is way easier than you think.  As so many of us multilingual parents and bloggers have experienced, people think multiple languages will confuse a child.  The thing with languages, your first or any other,... Read more »

Co-sleeping and American Independence

So I said to my wife last night, “We’ve been married a while now.  You’re a big girl and it’s time you move to your own bed and become more independent.”  Of course, we would never say that to our spouse, not if we want to stay married to them :).  So, why do so... Read more »

Helping Your Child Expand Their Language

Do I really want to share tips on how to get kids talking more? Like our kids don’t talk enough already, right?  Just kidding. A rich oral language environment that increases oral proficiency is one of the best predictors of early childhood success, in a 1st language or any other.  As a long-time second language... Read more »

Discovering Language and Global Citizenship - North Shore Activities Next Week!

Looking for something multicultural to do next week for the kids?  Ever wondered about how to raise multilingual children who are also global citizens?  Well, good news!  There is an entire Discovery Week of great activities running at the Deerfield Barnes & Noble  from Sunday, November 16th to Sunday, November 23rd.  In conjunction with Language... Read more »

What Chinese Parents Do Better than American Ones

Did you know that the average Chinese family spends 30% of their total annual income on their children’s education?  Do you know what the bulk of American spending on children is for?  If you guessed “sports”, you’re right.  A previous Fortune 500 company I worked for actually stated they would not consider moving their education... Read more »