The BRCA gene series: Raising awareness to save lives

Welcome to a series of guest posts that will be presented to you throughout the month of October in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. My goal is to raise awareness of the BRCA gene and show how testing for it can save your life.

Introduction: The BRCA gene: Affecting lives and its ability to save them. A series.
Oct. 2: Diane: BRCA negative but breast cancer still runs in her family
Oct. 3: Michelle: Strength and hope dealing with the BRCA1 mutation
Oct. 4: Eva Moon and the Mutant Diaries: humor in the face of a BRCA diagnosis
Oct. 7: Jan: BRCA positive but 5 kids and 10 grandkids is a lot to live for
Oct. 8: Bryna: BRCA 2 positive. A lifetime of tough decisions at only 36 years old
Oct. 9: Angie and Amy: twin sisters BRCA positive and together on the plight of their lives
Oct. 10: Raechel: BRCA1 positive and wanting to live for her daughter
Oct. 11: Galia: BRCA2 positive. How a home DNA test changed her life
Oct. 14: Geralyn: BRCA positive yet insurance will not cover her life saving procedure
Oct. 15: Susan: BRCA2 positive and Alopecia. Finding a way to help others in the face of her own crisis
Oct. 16: Sally: A mastectomy discovered what mammograms and MRI's missed
Oct. 17: Kim: BRCA1 and overcoming unimaginable heartache
Oct. 18: Jennifer: The shock of a breast cancer diagnosis while waiting for her BRCA test results
Oct. 21: Joanna: BRCA1 positive and never a doubt how to handle it
Oct. 22: Harvey: BRCA2 positive and a survivor of male breast cancer
Oct. 23: Vuokko: BRCA2 positive and living where health care is deemed excellent
Oct. 24: Elaisa: BRCA1 positive and a young mother determined to live for her children
Oct. 25: Lindsay: The creator of Bright Pink and youngest patient to undergo a preventative mastectomy
Oct. 28: Amy: BRCA1 positive and the increased risk for those of Ashkenazi Jewish descent
Oct. 29: Jan: BRCA1 positive and feeling like a ticking time bomb
Oct. 30: Norman: When a father discovers his daughter has cancer