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Motherhood: The ever changing stages

My fellow blogger, Carrie Goldman who writes “Portrait of an Adoption” just wrote of her feelings regarding having another child. She has three beautiful girls and is not certain if she is ready to stop having children. I read her story with a sense of complete familiarity as I too had wondered, when I was about her... Read more »

A little me time please, and don't call me selfish

A little me time please, and don't call me selfish
That’s right. I am demanding some time for myself. Some time to accomplish things that I would feel so much better about myself having done. Like this, my 100th post on Chicagonow. So many things have been interrupting me lately that I have barely been able to blog, and when I have it’s been what... Read more »

I'm not paranoid, I'm just a mother

Daughters are in Israel. That’s on the other side of the world. Can’t reach them, can’t get past Shalom to the hotel operator at the King Solomon Hotel. They have three cell phones, no answer for almost 24 hours.  Before they left I asked one thing: keep in touch and don’t let me get crazy.... Read more »