Joe Biden's win: One giant leap for mankind

Joe Biden's win: One giant leap for mankind

It says something quite clearly when other countries around the globe celebrate the win of a presidential candidate in the United States. Yesterday as world leaders called to congratulate our new President-elect and bells rang out across the world, millions of people took to the streets to celebrate. This in itself makes a huge statement as in fact his win truly is, one giant leap for mankind.

What happened during this election process has been nothing short of shocking. The division of a nation that is called “United”; the defense of an indefensible President who caused our country to be a laughing stock; an embarrassment. This is my opinion and I always say I am entitled to it, just as the Trump supporters are. They can believe what they want to believe and support who they choose to support. I however found myself in tears all of yesterday with a sense of relief that humanity and decency will return to the White House.

Many have said it before – this election boiled down to the character of the persons running. You had one man that was filled with continuous vitriol, a pathological liar that invented his own truths that always were meant to make him look “beautiful” and “the best”. He regularly spewed his hate filled thoughts on social media. He cared about one thing: himself. For whatever unknown reasons his followers supported him, I will forever be confused. There will never be an argument that can begin to help me understand but there is no need for that now. It is over.

The other man, our voice of hope and reason sought to calm the nation last night with a speech that was more presidential and professional in the minutes that it lasted, than the rantings we have listened to for 4 years.  It was the first time in this term that I have felt hope. Saw a light at the end of a tunnel.

Now – we all know he won’t go quietly nor will his supporters calm down. Remember this though – in 2016 when Hillary Clinton lost the race she urged Americans to give Trump a chance. When John McCain lost to Barack Obama, he gave a concession speech so worthy of the dignified human being that he was. Why can’t we expect the same from the POTUS? Why can’t he accept defeat and be graceful?

Joe Biden promises to be a President for all the people, red or blue. Why can’t he be afforded the same respect as he received the most votes for a candidate in the history of our nation?  That speaks volumes that we need this change. We need to heal our nation and bring it back together. It’s fractured, it’s split. Give the man a chance. Stop following the lead of the candidate that did the dividing; start listening to the man that chooses to reunite.

This decision went well beyond the issues. As the late Martin Luther King stated:

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” And the content of Joe Biden’s character is why he was elected to be the 46th President of these United States.

Give him a chance. Then get back to me in four years.


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