Love is Love is Love: the fear of overturning gay marriage rights

Love is Love is Love: the fear of overturning gay marriage rights

In May of 2014 my beautiful daughter came out to me. That story was chronicled in a blog that you can read here. It was titled “My Daughter is gay, so what?” The support that we received after the post was astounding as it was heartwarming. When you come out openly to the public about your family business, you of course hope it is met with kindness. It was.

Now, fast forward 6 years. Yes, my daughter is still gay! And guess what? She is getting married: we hope. We hope because we are in great fear that the right to same sex marriage could be taken away. Thanks to the current nominee for appointment to the Supreme Court, Amy Coney Barett who would love to overturn this law, they are in fear. As are many other gay couples who are hoping to marry without an issue.

Right now the world/country couldn’t be in a worse place mentally. There is severe division; serious hatred flowing through the veins of many. LGTBQ rights have always been in question but amidst everything else happening, can’t we just celebrate the fact that a gay relationship should be just as accepted as a straight one? That people, no matter what their sexual orientation should be able to enjoy the happiness of being in love with another human being?

Going through the past six years with my daughter finding herself and her life partner has been a joyous education. I’ve never been more proud of her and her no fear attitude of saying “THIS IS WHO I AM, LIKE IT OR NOT”. She is strong; she is proud. She has met a match in a partner that we consider as our own daughter. They are building a beautiful life together and can’t wait to get married. Will that right come under attack?

Many parents of gay children have turned their backs. A married couple I know (females) do not speak to their parents as they have both been disowned. They just had a child – what a sad loss for their parents to not enjoy the fruits of grandparenting.

During my daughter’s engagement celebration (with masks on of course), it was so evident how much they are embraced by family and friends as a couple, not a GAY couple. They are seen as a unit of two that love each other deeply and that is so gratifying as a parent! All we want is our children to be happy! There are those that will say this is not normal – snd you know what? It’s not normal for people to turn their backs on people for loving each other. Of course there are exceptions to every rule! Would you rather have your daughter marry a male who treats her horribly or a woman who loves her unconditionally?

While we await the decision for her Barrett’s confirmation (which is radically unfair based on the timing and the hypocrisy of it), we wonder if they will have to get married quickly or be able to enjoy the luxury of wedding planning and sharing their day. They hope to wait until the pandemic is over and can move ahead “normally” if and when that time comes.

Right now in my opinion, which is what this blog has always been about, Love is love is love. In any shape; any form. It’s what is keeping many of us going through these dark days and if there were more of it, perhaps the world would be a much brighter place.

Sounds quite cliche but the world does need love, sweet love. Straight, gay or otherwise.


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