Dear Mask resisters: Put on the damned mask and shut the hell up

Dear Mask resisters: Put on the damned mask and shut the hell up

Dear people that feel it’s their constitutional right to not wear a mask:


As the United (are we?) States continues to set daily records of new coronavirus cases and the death toll rises, those of you that refuse to wear a mask continue to perpetuate this nightmare we have all been subject to living in. I’m sick of it. My business has floundered, dear friends have died, thousands are unemployed and yet you only think of yourselves.

Nevermind what experts in science have to say. Nevermind that it’s been said that if EVERYONE wore a mask in public we could eradicate this thing in 4-8 weeks. Nevermind that we have no clue what the actual long term effects of this virus are on people once they “recover”. Nevermind that by you possibly transmitting the virus to someone and that someone dies you are committing a type of murder. Let’s not think about that!

Actually I think we SHOULD think about that. It’s been clearly proven that by wearing a face covering the transmission of this virus is greatly reduced. We’ve even recently read and seen the obituaries of the idiots that denounced wearing masks. They basically committed suicide. Let’s go to a Covid party and see who can catch it first! Let’s ignore the whole thing and call it a hoax – then end up in the ICU where people who actually WORE a mask are being taken care of and you shouldn’t be.

I’ve always tried through this blog to stay out of politics. To stay away from stating opinions too strongly. But the name if this blog is “When You Put it That Way” and I’m putting it this way:

Wear a f*&ing mask. Stop being selfish and carrying on about your constitutional rights. Those of us that are doing all we can to stop this insanity want our freedom as much as you do. But we want it without the expense of others lives. I’ve had cancer twice. I’ve been through countless rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. I’ve been so sick that on your worst day I’d have taken it over that. So, do you think that I want one of you possibly spreading it to me? Why should I be locked up in my house for months on end because of your selfishness?

And now there are all of you younger people carrying on in bars and behaving as though there is no virus. You’re young, you think you’re invincible. So did the 3o year old kid that went to the party to see who would get it first. Well, he won the prize. He’s dead.

I used to be so proud to be an American; to live in The United States. Now I feel embarrassed. I feel that we are a nation divided by such a simple act of kindness and thoughtfulness towards your fellow man. We are a laughing stock – as countries around the world are emerging from this crisis we sink deeper and deeper into it. We aren’t allowed to even travel to other countries, my how the tables have turned.

I, as well as my friends and family that follow the rules cannot for the life of us determine what it is about wearing a mask that is such a violation of rights. You are violating our right to live and be healthy. You are nothing short of criminals as your possible transmission causing death should be considered a crime. A punishable crime.

Who knows where we will be in a year. I can only hope that somehow, some way you all start to wake up and see the damage you are doing. That you’ll realize how badly we all want it to end and the only way to do it is to BE IN THIS TOGETHER. It’s been said since day one that we are – I think not. So if we are all in this nightmare next year, perhaps you will wake up and see who was to blame.

And I bet it won’t be those of us who are masked and followed the rules.

So, suck it up. Join the fight. And one other favor, please do not comment on this blog if you give me reasons to not wear one. There are none.



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