To the Matt Lauers, Harvey Weinsteins, Al Frankens and other men like them: this is for you

To the Matt Lauers, Harvey Weinsteins, Al Frankens and other men like them: this is for you
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To all men living and breathing who have harassed, inappropriately touched, assaulted or even thought about any of the above:

I am a woman, one of billions on this Earth. Us gals all possess several things: breasts, a vagina and a booty/ass/butt/rear end/fanny/tush/badonkadonk, or whatever you may call it on any given day. These body parts belong to us. You are not allowed to stare at, grab, tap, squeeze, ogle or violate in any way, shape or form these body parts of ours. That is, unless we agree or ask you to.

Whether you are tall, dark and handsome or bald, overweight and unattractive (cue Harvey Weinstein) you are not allowed any of the above indiscretions because well, as you can see, we’re not putting up with it anymore.

Most of us women have kept our mouths shut long enough to enmasse the daily accusations I suspect will be coming about for many moons to come. I’d actually say that’s one good thing about old Harvey; his actions as well as the #metoo movement have opened the floodgates. Women are fed up, disgusted and tired of being ashamed.

Just a few days ago, an old friend contacted me. She had a #metoo story that rendered me speechless; gave me chills. She had been raped in high school by a classmate. She had never told anyone of the incident that happened over forty years ago. A date that turned into a violent rape. She had been dropped off after it happened with her body bruised and full of bite marks. She carried the shame she felt, along with so many other women in her shoes because she was afraid to speak up.

She would be labeled as the easy tease that asked for it. She wanted it. It was consensual. Blah, blah, blah.

Well, guess what? She didn’t and we didn’t and we don’t. And now, multiples of women are stepping forward and you guys are going to have to take a bunch of steps back. It’s time to keep your penis in your pants and stop letting that head be the one you think with. Because now it can cost you your job, your family if you have one and the dignity you never deserved in the first place.

We’ve been the under appreciated, underpaid objects of your fantasies and aggression long enough. Remember the film “Network”? “We are mad as hell and won’t take it anymore”! As women unite, no longer will you make sexual comments to us and expect we’ll let it slide. You will not use your self perceived power to get what you want.

You want to show your penis? We don’t want to see it. If you show it and you weren’t asked to (you probably won’t be because they are just not attractive) you’re done. You touch or tap my booty/ass/rear end/tush/badonkadonk and you’ll lose your job.

When you look at women, make sure it’s at eye level. Boobs can’t talk but our mouths will if you insist on staring at said boobs.

And when any woman, no matter what the situation, even if she is in bed with you naked changes her mind and says NO, NO MEANS NO. If you all stopped thinking with the wrong head you may realize that we are not on this Earth for your use, your entertainment, your power trips, your ego stroking(or any stroking) or your anything.

We are the ones that can juggle jobs, homes, kids and life and make it look simple. You should be metaphorically kissing our asses for all that we do. Your penis is not a sign of power. Your innuendos and comments, grabbing and touching only make you look like a fool. So, men of the world it’s time to get down off of your holier than thou pedestal. If you value your career, your family and your life it’s time for this all to end.

Right now Matt Lauer is explaining to his kids that Daddy is a pervert and lost his job because of it. These three kids get to live with this information forever. Go to school with all the kids that know about it.

Women are uniting. So many have come forward and so many more will. I recommend you evaluate your behavior and if you’ve done any of the things that these other accused men have, I’d be shaking in my boots. That includes you Donald.


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