Donald Trump: Enough I say, once and for all

Donald Trump: Enough I say, once and for all

When I first decided to write a blog for Chicagonow, I had an idea of how to phrase my exact purpose. My hope was to express my thoughts and feelings in such a way as to possibly change some opinions on certain issues. Hence, the name “When You Put it That Way” was born.

During this election season I have had a very difficult time processing most of what has been happening and as a result, I have sat many nights staring at my computer screen, drawing nothing but a blank. The main reason for this is the inability to put into words the myriad of emotions I have felt. Most of which are terror and sadness.

The past two days have changed this for me. I’m probably the millionth person who has now written about the lewd comments made by Donald Trump but there’s always the chance that something I say may change one mind about voting for him. Just maybe.

Trump supporters want change. They do not want career politicians to hold the highest office in the world. Interesting though, that his chosen running mate has been in politics for 25+ years if you include his two unsuccessful bids for Congress in 1988 and 1990. I would call him a career politician. A career politician that believes the LGBT community should be discriminated against (I have a gay daughter so let’s leave it at that) and the government should control a woman’s right to choose.

The mere fact that Pence accepted the nomination to run alongside Trump gives me pause – but why wouldn’t he? It could bring him close to the White House; who cares what the Donald has to say? His own political aspirations most certainly are the reason he accepted the challenge. There is no single person that can convince me he has an ounce of respect for Trump, particularly now in lieu of the delightful spewing of rhetoric we have all heard on tape ad nauseum.

But I digress.

Donald Trump has never had a single clue about what is is to live a normal life. He did not have a rags to riches story to boast about. He was born to wealthy parents who helped make him wealthier. If even just one one of his poverty level supporters had perhaps a chance to visit his penthouse in Trump Tower, I wonder what they would think after. If they saw firsthand the opulence and lavish splendor in which he lives and has always lived, they would know then that he can’t and could never relate to “need”.

He has never made any attempts, prior to running for office, to reach out on behalf of any under privileged people or nations to lend a hand. To fight for any causes – his only causes were those that made him richer.

While Hillary has mountains of haters, she came from humble beginnings and for all her alleged wrong doings, has been a constant force in advocating for women’s and children’s rights as well as a strong supporter of the LGBT community. (Let me tell you folks, this community is much, much larger than you know or think – it’s the close minded people and politicians that make many of them afraid to admit their sexuality).

This election season has been one frustration after another as we who do not support Trump wonder how those that do, can. If it’s to make sure Hillary is not elected, please please stop right now. You only have two viable choices and one more than likely that still has tapes out there that only will continue to amplify what a narcissistic, self involved and crude human being he truly is.

You can’t use the “I don’t want Hillary” excuse any longer. This is our country, this is our future. You ONLY HAVE TWO CHOICES. If you don’t listen to me, listen to DeNiro. He’s talkin’ to you.

Enough said.

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