Cubs win the NLDS: Now it's getting serious

Cubs win the NLDS: Now it's getting serious

Dear Cubs,

WOW, just WOW. The greatest post season comeback in history. You did it. I am still in a state of shock and I’m guessing you are too. No one does that – I mean no one!! And yet, you did. But now, it’s time to get serious.

In 2003 I was at the division clinching double header at Wrigley. It was incredible. Last year I was there when you beat St Louis and clinched the division again. It feels great when you do that, really great. But then there’s after. And we just gotta get to the after.

This is the time when you have the opportunity to prove every naysayer wrong. The time to show the world that the curse is over; that “you ain’t afraid of no goat”. No black cats, no nothing. You are going to show everyone that this is THE YEAR.

Last year I had this same feeling of elation after you clinched. A euphoria one should feel at least once in their lifetime. I’m not feeling too bad for San Francisco; they’ve had their heyday. We however, have not.

It’s awesome that now you have a few days to relax and regroup. You’re a young bunch and at least you’ll be able to beat the hangover you’re going to have tomorrow with a extra few days. And why not have one? You deserve it.

That was a ninth inning for the ages. A ninth inning that you pray and pray for and when you stop yourself you think: is anyone really listening? Can they really come back from a three run deficit against a team like this? Well yes, yes you can. And you can get to where no one has gotten in 108 years.

Last year I thought you would do it. But maybe it was all too soon; you were an even younger team and your success in 2015 really came quickly. Suddenly you were in the playoffs. You just weren’t ready. But now you are. You’ve had a year that could only be regarded as miraculous. Players that almost seemed to be hand picked from God himself. You can’t let it be over. I know you won’t.

You’re all going to take this next series as though it were just another day at the park. Each time you’re going to get out there and do what you’ve been doing all year. No team wins 103 games in the regular season without performing at their best. So nothing is different now; keep that in mind.

In my heart of hearts this is it. This is the year. This is the time that we have all been waiting for and we know you can do it. With the love and support of millions of fans, you’ve got this boys. Now go get ’em.

#letsgo. Take October.


A fan since 1969.

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