Cubs first World Series home game: where will you be and how much will you spend?

Cubs first World Series home game: where will you be and how much will you spend?

I’m annoyed.

Yes, annoyed. I love the Cubs more than most things in life – always have. They defined my childhood and have been a good part of my adult life’s entertainment, angst and all. But the fact that I can’t even think about going to a Cubs World Series home game after the number of years I’ve been a fan annoys me…alot.

Sure, I could buy a ticket. But I have to break it down by the value and the statistical odds of the game being a winning one. It’s 50/50 folks and I can’t take that risk. Sure, a Cubs World Series game would be like the answer to a lifelong prayer. I get it. And kudos to those people who take the plunge and pay the prices, but I just can’t bring myself to do it.

I haven’t done any research into the cost of other World Series tickets in the past few years but I’m guessing, and call me crazy, that these are historically over priced. Standing room only for $2,500? Last night’s game was 4 hours – would I stand for four hours, spend as much as I would on a nice couch or vacation and be happy? Particularly if they lost? I think not. That’s just me though.

Last weekend my wonderful husband wanted me to go to the game Saturday night – so badly in fact that risking being scammed, he drove 40 miles to meet an unknown stranger and pay him cash for what turned out to be fake tickets. He had the fever, Cubs fever (side effects include nausea, shaking, high stress levels, loss of reality, loss of all focus, diarrhea, upset stomach, severe mood swings, heart palpitations, shaking and vomiting. Consult your physician before watching a game). Imagine getting to the gate of what turned out to be the pennant winning game and being turned away.

So, money spent and yes, we know, we know – we were dumb but nevertheless we spent hard earned money to see a game. When we didn’t get in we looked for a Wrigleyville Bar to get in but lines circled blocks. There was no entry anywhere. We managed to squeeze into a place in Bucktown where we were the last people let in. We stood for hours but at least it didn’t cost $2,500.

This weekend most all bars in Wrigley are charging an obscene cover charge. Some as high as $250 or $500 if you WANT TO SIT DOWN. More capitalism at its finest. See an opportunity to rip people off and go for it.

Most of my friends are not going to a game. We all discuss where to watch as we want to at least be near Wrigley Field, to feel the electricity somehow. Yet the bars are now reserving themselves for people who have or are willing to spend that amount of money just to be near the park? Sad. There are a few bars with no cover charge but I am guessing they will be full by noon.

The greed of these games is something that I find deplorable. This is a family sport as American as apple pie and the fact that any average income human being could not begin to afford going makes me angry. There are millions of fans and only around 135,000 will be able to be in Wrigley Field to see it. I’d love to see people who “don’t really like the Cubs but I got a ticket from work” give those tickets to diehard fans who would give a left leg to be there (like me, just saying;)

Whoever attends, have fun. Enjoy the chance of a lifetime you are being given and realize how lucky you truly are. We will watch, scream and cheer with all of you and while we won’t be in the park, we’ll be just as happy to see history being made as the Cubs Fly the W as World Series Champs.

Now for the last time this season I say: #letsgo. You can do this.



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