Playing golf: the ultimate getaway from election 2016

Playing golf: the ultimate getaway from election 2016

Golf. Once upon a time I viewed it as a four letter word right up there with the worst of them. My husband has spent a good part of the last thirty years we have been married on the golf course. It took him away on summer weekends, left me carless on many a vacation as he went off to play as I lagged behind caring for our two young children.

Even as they got older, I had no interest whatsoever in “spoiling a perfectly good walk by chasing a small white ball”.

Back in the beginning of our relationship I tried to learn. I found it much too frustrating, time consuming and expensive. We had a child 9 months and 2 weeks after we got married (I had to throw in the two weeks for those who actually counted on their fingers that at the age of 29 I may have gotten knocked up before the wedding) so playing golf was too much time away. So I resigned myself to be a golf widow, not a golfer.

Fast forward thirty years.

Back in April I noticed that the golf club my husband joined was offering “Ladie’s Get Ready Golf”, a series of 5 lessons to prepare us women for golf season. I laughed, thinking “yeah right, after all these years I’m going to learn now?” And then my thoughts went further when I started to realize that not only would it be something nice for us to finally do together, it could get me away from all talk of politics. No TV, no radio, no newspapers. Just peace and quiet.

This election year has reached its peak for me and how much I can tolerate and listen to. I am a self admitted CNN addict and have been watching the coverage like it’s my job. Perhaps because I see election 2016 as the biggest train wreck in US History, like watching “The Bachelor” or The Real Housewives of wherever, I couldn’t take my eyes off. So, like any addict, I had to find a way to enter recovery.

My recovery has come on the golf course.

I took the lessons and started to play. I felt pretty good right from the start as there were some good shots amongst many bad ones. But once you have a good one, you forget the bad. I felt myself being more drawn to the golf course than any other form of recreation. I am self employed and work a lot of hours so doing things outside of that is important. Particularly when any free time has been spent staring at debates, press conferences, conventions and the internet’s constant barrage of all things election related.

I have now been playing every Sunday this summer and some late afternoons in between. Only 9 holes but those precious hours a week have been the best form of therapy I can find. The air is fresh, the scenery is peaceful and all I have to do is make contact with a little white ball and all is right with the world.

If only it were that easy but the serenity of a golf course is something I never understood. I turn off my phone and the only things I think about are how to get the ball where it needs to be and what club should I use to get there. I am not worried about what ridiculous statement any particular candidate has made ( refuse to name names here), I am only thinking about the shot that lies in front of me.

Yesterday I got my first birdie and you’d think I won the lottery. I danced around the hole and high fived everyone around me and felt a euphoria that I hadn’t felt in a long time. I now can see why the game is so addicting.

So, now I have to think about how many more months of weather I will be able to play to get me through election season. I can only pray October weather is good this year and that I make it through to the first week of November with this escape I’ve discovered. My only fear is that the outcome of the election is not in favor of the right person.

Then, I’m moving South.


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