YOU by Caroline Kepnes: the sequel, HIDDEN BODIES is coming out in February and damn, it's so good

YOU by Caroline Kepnes: the sequel, HIDDEN BODIES is coming out in February and damn, it's so good

Often times books and films have sequels that never seem to live up to the original. When I first read the thriller “YOU”, by Caroline Kepnes I could not imagine that anything could be better. It hit all the notes and buttons of being the kind of book that would become a bestseller. So, how could it be topped, or equaled at the very least?

I knew that I wanted to hear more from the main character, Joe Goldberg as he was such a fascinating subject. I had written about the original here, and did not expect to have a sequel to read so soon. I was fortunate enough to read Kepnes’ follow up, “Hidden Bodies”  before the general public and once again, could not put it down. I have read several other books lately and lost interest, not even finishing them. Too many twists, too dragged out. Not here.

Because of the way the book is written, it is as though you are listening to Joe speak out loud. The sentences are run on, the thoughts come out almost faster than you are able to read them. Each thought has been carefully laid out by the author and you are pulled in on the very first page.

The story picks up a short time after we left off with the demise of Beck and the introduction of a new love interest. We know that Joe has already murdered four people by this time yet we still like him, we still want him to find love and be happy. That’s how well developed his character is, we know he is a serial killer yet like “Dexter”, we take his side.

Delving into the sequel would involve too many spoilers. I will tell you this: there are girlfriends. There are location changes and some intense sex. Actually a lot more sex than in “YOU”.  Yet, it’s not just thrown in the story for sake of sex, it’s pivotal to his character and his connections. And, there is LOVE.

As I wondered through “YOU”, it’s hard to imagine how an author can create such a complete character without having some of that person living in your head for the rest of your life. In “HIDDEN BODIES” there are many more characters. The thought process in developing each character and truly being able to feel as though you personally know each one, is an artist at her best.

“HIDDEN BODIES” is being released February 23rd. It’s available for pre ordering on and I suggest you get it ordered. And in case you haven’t read the first book, get that as well. Give yourself a weekend curled up in front of a fire. And be prepared. You’ll never be the same.

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