U-Haul: to use or not to use, not even a question!

Dear U-Haul:

I never knew that there was a website devoted entirely to the fact that you completely and totally suck. Yes, it’s true. www.uhaulsucks.com. A. Whole. Entire. Website. It takes a lot of awful shit going down for that to happen.

You see U Haul, you should be called U Fail. Or maybe it’s just the places you allow to call themselves dealers. Apparently you don’t do any pre-screening or training. It appears that you throw a couple of trailers and trucks in a parking lot of let’s say, oh a carwash and call it an “authorized U-Haul Dealer”.

The entire U-Haul "department" One small area of a counter. Period.

The entire U-Haul “department” One small area of a counter. Period.

Last Sunday my husband and I (and other family members) had the arduous task of emptying out the contents of my father’s apartment. He had passed away two weeks earlier so emotions were and are raw. Hubby had reserved the trailer, a 6′ x 12′ as there was a lot of “stuff” that needed to be moved. When you’re clearing out the contents of someone’s 82 years of life, you’re going to need some room.

We were never given a confirmation number from the barely English speaking person that took the reservation. We weren’t asked for a credit card or anything. Just our name. We were told to pick it up Sunday morning between 8AM-9AM. Pulling into the parking lot we realized there was no 6′ x 12′ trailer anywhere to be seen.

What we encountered after that was a barrage of stupid questions, no record of any reservation being made, no U-Haul personnel on the premises, a carwash manager that was clueless about absolutely everything, yet trying to run the U-Haul “department” as well and no trailer.

On the lot was a truck that was available. We wanted it. However, we didn’t feel we should have to pay for your mistake. Your field manager with whom we were connected, felt we should. We didn’t have a reservation! We were lying!! Because, as everyone knows, people always want free U-Hauls!! We had nothing better to do on a Sunday morning than to pretend we had a reservation and scam the dealer into giving us a free truck! Do a lot of people do that??

Okay. So then we decided that rather than waste any more time than the close to hour and a half we were waiting for Mr. carwash manager to figure out what to do, we said we would take a smaller trailer, a 5′ x 8′. Not sure if it would work but we were told we couldn’t have it. What????

Needless to say oh epic fail of a company, police were almost involved in what could have been a very ugly scene. But your “area manager” decided it was okay to let us “take” the trailer. Of course not without a credit card and a new reservation had to be created. That took an additional half hour. Our original arrival time in Madison, where we were headed, was 11AM. It was now, 10:30. If it takes 2.5 hours to get there on a good day, you do the math as to what time we finally arrived.

We were unable to fit what we needed in the trailer and will have to go back. Your area manager said he would not charge us for the $29 trailer. The following morning upon our return, we were told it would be $59. Because they said, we asked for insurance when we most certainly did not. Your employees (??) not only don’t speak English, but they hear things too.

So, in conclusion you there at U Fail, it’s time to change your ways. If you’re going to authorize dealers, make sure they at least know what they’re doing. Or that¬†you as a company¬†know what you’re doing.

If not, shut ‘er down.


Pissed and a new fan of uhaulsucks.com

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