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U-Haul: to use or not to use, not even a question!

Dear U-Haul: I never knew that there was a website devoted entirely to the fact that you completely and totally suck. Yes, it’s true. A. Whole. Entire. Website. It takes a lot of awful shit going down for that to happen. You see U Haul, you should be called U Fail. Or maybe it’s... Read more »

On being an adult orphan: closing a chapter in my life

It’s been a rough couple of weeks. My father passed away. We buried him on the 5th. We emptied his apartment yesterday. Worst thing ever. And now, I face the grim reality that I am an orphan. I don’t care that I am fifty six years old, I just know that I now have no... Read more »

My Father, my friend

My Father, my friend
Early in the morning hours of August 2nd, my father took his last breath. I was not there; I had planned to but God works in mysterious ways and perhaps he did not want me to be there for that. I had decided the night before to wait until morning – the hospice nurse had... Read more »