Dear Target: I'm finding everything just fine

Dear Target: I'm finding everything just fine

Dear Target:

It’s never been a secret how much I love you. If you add up the receipts from my shopping with you, you’ll know just how much. I can rarely leave your store without spending at least a hundred dollars – as a matter of fact one time my bill was exactly that: $100.00 and no cents. Seriously.

I may not love you so much now though. A few days ago I was shopping at one of your stores, a super Target of course, and since I’ve shopped there so many times over at least a twenty year time span, I know where everything is. Every department, the store layout, the bathrooms, the coffee aisle, the liquor aisle, the Starbucks. I know it all. So when an employee stopped me to ask if I was “finding everything okay”, I smiled politely and said yes. How nice I thought. Such good customer service.

As I moved around the store, I continued to be asked if I was “finding everything okay”. Each aisle seemed to have another overly pleasant person asking the question over and over. And with each person that asked, my attitude went from appreciation to disdain. The last person that asked me (number seven!) was lucky I didn’t punch him in the throat. Did I look that lost?

I get it. I am in sales and know that customer service can make or break a business, Funny though, when I actually need help I can never find someone. But I digress.

Walgreens isn’t even that bad. They always remember to tell me to “be well” after I pay but I don’t find a person in every aisle telling me that. I really loved the girl that helped me there a few days ago telling me to “be well” while she coughed and drooled snot on her register.

Is competition so tough that companies are forcing their employees to ask these mundane questions and give greetings that they couldn’t really care less about? If seven employees ask me if I’m finding everything okay, how many of them would know where I could find a certain item that I may be asking for? Have you trained your staff to know where absolutely everything in the store is?  I doubt it. And if you’ve taught them, I’m sure they don’t remember it all.

When that person at Walgreen’s tells me to “be well” do they really give a shit? They care about as much as when your people ask if I’m finding everything okay. The few times I’ve been in Target and really couldn’t find what I was looking for it was because you were out of it. Or, when I did ask I was told you didn’t carry it. Then later, found out you did.

I still love you Target. But if you don’t stop having your people hassle us with that ridiculous question over and over, I may have to shop somewhere else with awful customer service, just to be left alone. And that thing I’m trying to find in your store is a loose pile of cash. So until that appears, no, I am not finding what I’m looking for.


Annoyed and Irritated

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