Something old, something new: now I have no job for you

Something old, something new: now I have no job for you
Eight track tape

Yesterday I went for a manicure. On the way there I started to think about all the things in life that have changed since I was a kid. Makes my head spin. Just going for a “no chip” manicure made me think about the “old days” when you simply went for a manicure. There was nothing technical about it; no lights to cure the polish, no acetone to soak your fingers in. Just a plain old fashioned bottle of polish and a sweet person to apply it and chat with. So it got me really thinking.

How many jobs are lost as a result of getting rid of something old and bringing in something new? The world is in a competition to better itself, to always, always have to think of the next best thing. There is no age of any contentment. Why can’t we ever be happy with the way things are?

A few weeks ago my I Phone 4 stopped charging. I was in a panic – OMG what if I don’t have a phone!!!!! So I went and purchased a new one. A “5”. I hate it. It was over priced (sorry ma’am, no upgrade yet) and technology did not improve on anything. Sure, they claim it’s better but what was wrong with the 4? Or the 3, 2 or 1??

I think it all started with the eight track (just an example). The manhole cover that played music. We all thought it was pretty awesome. And then came the cassette tape, then the CD. Somewhere along the way all those people that manufactured the eight tracks and cassette tapes lost their businesses or jobs to make way for the new. And don’t even get me started on the deterioration of the vinyl record. I still have all of mine and a turntable to boot. What’s a turntable you ask?

Then we had the discman which as my favorite comedian ever, Gary Gulman refers to as the size of a pizza. That shrunk as the invention of the Mp3 players and IPods took over.

Computers. Televisions, automobiles. So many things that are constantly changing but at what cost? Even the old corner drugstore has become obsolete and taken over by a Walgreens on every corner (don’t get me wrong, I spend a lot of time at the corner of Happy and Healthy!). Why can’t anything remain the same?

I’m all about creating jobs and building new business. It just seems to me that for each new advance, someone somewhere along the line has to close their doors, has to lose their livelihood. “The big guys” take over. And more often than not, the personal touch that made our world such a nice place to live in, has disappeared.

At one time I lived without technology and I was perfectly fine. My kids will never know a world where there aren’t Walgreen’s and big box stores, ever advancing cell phones, computers and such. They have been raised and educated to constantly be on the lookout for “the next best thing”. Well, I liked what I had. And the world seemed much nicer and happier.

One thing though, I have no qualms about a continuing quest to find a cure for cancer!

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