People Magazine: Shame on you for putting The Kim Kardashian/Kanye West wedding on your cover

I have been reading People Magazine since the first issue sporting Mia Farrow on the cover in March 1974. Sometimes their coverage of events is understandable. Other times it is reprehensible. It’s never pissed me off enough to stop reading though. That may change after this weeks issue.

It’s no secret that I loathe Kim Kardashian. When she married Kris Humphries and announced divorce after 72 days, I wondered when she would jump on the wedding train again. And with who. It’s no surprise she chose someone as much, if not more narcissistic as she is. But of course she proceeded into her relationship with Kanye West in reverse. First have a baby, give her a ridiculous name and then get married.

As if her first wedding wasn’t expensive enough (estimated at $17MM) this one had an estimate of $2.5MM just for incidentals. Oh, excuse me – there is nothing incidental about having your rehearsal dinner at the Palace of Versailles. “The excess would have made Marie Antionette blanch”. The magazine dedicated seven pages to this over the top debacle. And elsewhere in the magazine, a page and a half is devoted to the UC Santa Barbara murders.

There are those that may argue that People is a celebrity magazine and as such, the Kimye wedding deserved the cover. I imagine that they received a hefty sum to publish the wedding photos and plaster her on their cover – but doesn’t a tragedy such as the brutal stabbings and shootings of innocent college students – PEOPLE – trump that?

In December 2012 the Newtown school shooting tragedy was on their cover. In 1999 the Columbine tragedy made the cover. The Virginia Tech shooting in 2007, cover. So why oh why did this wedding push this incident off the cover with minimal attention?

It’s safe to say that the divorce cover should already be at the printer. No two people that are as self absorbed and materialistic will ever understand the meaning of loving another human being as much as they love themselves. But there are seven families that right now struggle to even comprehend the loss of their loved ones. I’ve included the family of the killer, they too are grieving.

Perhaps Kimye should have stepped forward and said “hey, we’ve had enough publicity for 700 lifetimes, give these people the coverage and honor they deserve”. Or, the editors at People may have said “You two will understand if we don’t put you on our cover, we have seven grieving families that are more important.” All speculation on what could/should have been done.

Couldn’t her wedding coverage wait a week? Or did People rush to give her the cover just in case the divorce is right behind?

Let’s get it straight People. There are other things much more important than Kim Kardashian, although she would argue.

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