Meryl and Maks win Dancing With the Stars: thank you viewers for getting it right

Meryl and Maks win Dancing With the Stars: thank you viewers for getting it right

When this season of Dancing With the Stars announced their line up I wondered who in the heck are these people? Other than a few names, including Meryl Davis and Charlie White, we could hardly call them stars. I was under impressed. This season was certain to be yawn worthy and that Ice Dancer, she’s going to win. Not fair. But then the season started.

I’ve watched every season except the first. Never in all eighteen seasons did I expect to see the level of dancing that was presented this time. I didn’t care if they were stars, they were all good. Well, except for a few but that didn’t even matter.

And then there was that Ice Dancer. That little sprite of a thing that even though she was an ice skater, she had to prove she could dance on a floor. Like Len Goodman said – she was nice on ice and good on wood. And what she brought out in Maks was a sight to see. As the resident bad boy, he was as meek and mild as we’d ever seen him. Except of course when Abby Miller of Dance Mom fame insulted Meryl’s dancing. Then he wasn’t so nice: “I don’t care what that person has to say”. Take that, Abby.

So often on this show the audience gets it wrong. They vote for their favorite despite their dancing ability. There were several huge surprise eliminations this season: Cody Simpson, Danica McKellar, Charlie White and most of all James Maslow. I mean seriously – James?? Other than Maks and Meryl I had a feeling he and Peta could win. Besides, the man is beautiful. Pretty actually.

I was most surprised that Candace Cameron Bure went as far as she did – she obviously has a huge fan base aka lots of Full House lovers. She was a good dancer but nowhere near the caliber of Meryl, James or Amy. Which brings me to Amy.

I was blown away by Amy Purdy. If she had won I would only have been sad since Derek has won so many times and Maks was overdue. Amy proved that there in nothing that can’t be accomplished if you are determined enough. She was a true inspiration and a great dancer. By the end of the season I stopped noticing her prosthetic legs and only saw her as a talented competitor.

Now back to Meryl and Maks. It’s rare that chemistry is so palpable. Every week I wanted to see them complete that “almost kiss” and now I just want them to get married. After watching Maks for thirteen seasons without a win, it was clear that he was waiting for the right one.

So tonight we saw him say he wanted to ravage her. He wants to have ice skating big mean Russian babies with her and name them Boris and Oleg with a nickname of Bear for both. I love this idea. And now that they have the mirror ball, I think that is only the next natural step.

Who’s with me?

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