The Malaysia Flight 370 mystery: why do we immediately believe it's an act of violence?

The Malaysia Flight 370 mystery: why do we immediately believe it's an act of violence?
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On March 8, Malaysia Flight 370 took off from Kuala Lumpur at 12.40am, destination Beijing. Since that time the flight has seemed to disappear from the face of the Earth. Theories and speculation as to what happened have been rampantly running through the internet, conversations and news.

Since the first day when the plane lost it’s signal and there was no sign of it anywhere, the world has jumped to the conclusion that this was an act of terrorism. I even read one theory claiming that the plane was intentionally hijacked with the people alive to harvest and sell their organs. This is not a science fiction movie folks, this is real life. Over active imaginations are at work every day in the media.

Yes, this is a true mystery and a horrible tragedy any way you look at it. And as sad and awful as it is, terrifying theories don’t need to be added to the confusion over what has happened. Today I read what I am going to believe from now on until proven otherwise, this piece from, written by Chris Goodfellow: “A Startlingly simple theory about the Malaysia airlines jet”. Chris has twenty years experience as an airline pilot. He writes this from that perspective, utilizing the common sense that so many have seemed to put aside.

We live in a post 9/11 world. Nothing will or ever could be the same since that day. There is no such thing as a plane just malfunctioning, IT HAS TO BE TERRORISTS!! All the theories make so very little sense. Stealing the plane to use it as a future suicide bomber.  The organ harvesting. The pilot being the bad guy. The flight simulator with deleted information. And on and on. We can’t seem to think any other way.

I wear rose colored glasses and always have. Not that a missing plane with 239 passengers is something to wear them for, just that what happened to that plane does not have to be any worse than what we will eventually find out. There are 239 families waiting to know what happened to their loved ones. Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, children. It’s difficult enough to not know, but to speculate that their fates were in the hands of terrorists and that there was more fear than the pure fear of crashing (if that is in fact what happened as I suspect it was) is the worst thing the media can do to these people.

Mr. Goodfellow has examined his own theory and it is entirely plausible. He uses common sense, knowledge and sensitivity in describing his scenario. Others can’t wait to find some horrible, awful theory to explain the mystery. I find myself thinking about it throughout the day and admit, it is a scary, confusing situation. It’s been called the greatest mystery of modern aviation. But at the very least, it doesn’t have to be work of others. We as a society don’t have to so jaded,  so negative and hopeless that we can’t believe it was simply: an accident. A terrible accident.

So let’s just pray for those families and hope they at least get an answer as to the fate of their loved ones. And let’s stop thinking that every sad/bad thing in the world is an act of violence.

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