The Bachelor Juan Pablo: is he really a jerk or just an honest guy?

The Bachelor Juan Pablo: is he really a jerk or just an honest guy?
Time to toss in the towel ABC

So now, the end is here and so we’ve faced the final curtain….Yes folks, for all of us who have endured what was not the most dramatic season of The Bachelor but the most annoying by far, it is over. The whole season was based on announcements of “the most shocking”, “the first time ever” and of course, “you won’t want to miss…”.

I for one am sorry I wasted two hours every Monday night on this show. I’ve been watching since the days of Trista and Ryan and swear off it each season. Yet, the draw of Juan Pablo, or Juanny Pabs or JP as he has been coined by many was just too strong.

JP is a clone of my college boyfriend except for the Latino part. His looks were frighteningly identical, his smile a dead ringer. That old boyfriend is one of those people that I have always said if I ever ran into him, I’d run into him again. Yes. With. My. Car. So watching every week gave me strange churnings in my stomach as I felt like I was watching the old BF.

That similarity aside I once again was sucked into the train wreck. I admit it, I thought he was handsome, charming and sweet. And then the weeks went by. And what I thought was charming became annoying. And what I thought was sweet became nauseating.  And his eyes started looking a bit crooked to me. I quickly grew tired of his facial caressing. I couldn’t handle him tucking a girls hair behind her ears. And yes, I have to say it, I got really, really sick and tired of him saying “Ess Okay”.

“Ess okay” is the equivalent in JP speak to “shut the F up”. It equals “I only want to make out with you, if it gets more serious than that I am an empty headed douche bag and have no communication skills. I can’t carry on a normal conversation”.

Don’t the producers of The Bachelor get to know these people before they cast them?  They are looking for someone who wants to find a spouse. Apparently the pressure for the person to propose is huge. So, let’s force a relationship and give the audience what they want. But JP would have no part of it.

The two women that he was most into went home on their own. Smart girls they were. That’s the main issue with JP, he isn’t going to make it with someone with a brain larger than a pea. So Clare, candidate one went from loving him and wanting his babies to being happy he would never be the father of her children. All in about one minute. And Nikki, ready for a proposal and to be engaged got the least favorite words a girl wants to hear: I like you a lot”.

On the After the Final Rose segment Chris Harrison expressed his shock at JP’s refusal to say he loved Nikki. After all, they’ve been “dating” for several months. Really??? Dating?? Is that what it’s called in Bachelor world? Because in the real world, it’s the farthest thing from it. Girls typically aren’t competing against 26 other women when they go on a date. So when a guy who by casting him is technically supposed to end with a proposal doesn’t do it, is he really a jerk? Or is he just being honest and saying “hey, I like this girl but can we have some time please”?

I think it’s time for the series to throw in the towel. It’s become old, predictable and boring as the hype never meets up to the reality. I really don’t know how Chris Harrison can get through another season repeating the same lines over and over. It’s just seen its day and I don’t see masses of people complaining if it does in fact go away. Really folks.

Ess okay.

What do you think? Was this the most dramatic season ever? Do you think JP is a huge jerk or do you appreciate his honesty? Do tell!

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