Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus: Fashion choices gone wrong, so wrong

Once upon a time in Hollywood we had beautiful women that exemplified class and style. Think: Katherine Hepburn. Grace Kelly. Rita Hayworth. Lauren Bacall. Icons that set the standards for fashion trends and beauty.

And then there is today. After I nearly gouged my eyes out at the sight of what “fashion” in Hollywood has come to, I realized one thing: fashion is now, trashin’.

Ahh Kim Kardashian. I’ve never kept my disdain for her a secret and her latest fashion faux pas (in my opinion, of course) only proves to me that just because someone is “famous” (for what again??), doesn’t give them class.  Recently appearing on “Late Night with Seth Meyers, she showed up in this:

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - March 25, 2014

Okay, take a moment. Yes, she is wearing granny panties and a bra. And we can see them. Now I ask you: is this necessary? It has nothing to do with her weight that offends me as I myself am a curvy girl and celebrate a full figured body – but for God’s sakes girl, how about something flattering??

She is a pretty woman with the help of Botox and make-up. I wonder if Kim were not “famous” (I keep using quotation marks as I will never, ever figure out why she is ahem, famous) if she would dress in this manner. Maybe she would have worn a slip under that dress, or better yet, not worn that dress at all? Is she dressing for attention or to look good? My favorite fashion icon, Katie Hepburn dressed for HERSELF. Not for 19,000,000 twitter fans to talk about (oh, if there were twitter then!).

Katharine Hepburn in

Does it get any classier than this? One of the first women to embrace pants, she was comfortable enough in her own skin to wear what she wanted and managed, effortlessly, to look fabulous. Kimmy could take a lesson from her. Please.

And then there was this:


This almost leaves me speechless. 21 years old and looking like nothing more than a really bad hooker. Of course she is going for shock value yet, I don’t understand why. Miley is a good entertainer (minus the tongue thing) and didn’t need to so drastically switch from her Hannah Montana image that she embraces all that is slutty and seedy. This is what 21 looked like once upon a time in Hollywood:


Like Hepburn, Lauren Bacall just oozed beauty and class. One can look sultry and sexy fully clothed.

So many things influence the way fashion changes and evolves. Yet, there is the question of class. Twiggy made the mini a statement, and did so with taste and class. And what seems to happen is once a style is introduced, how people interpret that style is all according to taste. And that is, no matter how much money you have, something you cannot buy. Hence, Kim in her granny panties and Miley in her pasties.

We do have women in Hollywood with taste today and these two should/could take a lesson from them.

Shailene Woodley Marchesa 2012 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards January 15 red carpet fashion celebrity 1

Yes Miley, she (Shailene Woodley, if you don’t know)  is the same age as you  and look at her. Take a lesson.

How do you think fashion has evolved over the years? What do you think of the offending ensembles? Inquiring minds want to know!

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