Bill Engvall and Dancing With the Stars: You gotta hand it to him

When season 17 of Dancing With the Stars began, many wondered who they were calling stars. I joked it should be called “Dancing With the Sort of Kinda Know Who That Person is But Can’t Place Them”. I barely recognized any of these “stars” except for Snooki, who I’d hardly have called a star and Valerie Harper who may be the only one that qualified for that title.

The Science Guy? Seriously? At least Leah Remini had a long running sitcom to her credit but I just kept wondering: who is this Bill Engvall guy? I know I’d heard the name and seen him in passing on television. However, I did not really think anything of him. Seemed like an affable guy though with little to no dancing talent and was certain to be out after a week or two.

And suddenly, there was Bill week after week. Enmassing a fan base the size of the planet Jupiter (I think he has fans from there) with little improvement week to week. There is no doubt that he is entertaining and makes one smile. But he is hardly a Baryshnikov and yet week after week he survived the odds. Elizabeth Berkeley, an odds on favorite was eliminated last week. Why? Cause Bill has fans for the fans for the fans.

These reality/competition shows should really consider stopping the audience vote. Too much talent is passed up when put to a public declaration. It is a popularity contest that really shames the premise of the show. It’s a DANCE competition people! You can see in Bill’s expressions every week that he is shocked. Even HE knows that he should not be beating the people he has.

We began to notice a pattern of expression with Bill one night when he was safe. Very dramatic; actually we laughed so hard we wet our pants. So each week I took a shot of Bill, if there was a good one. I wanted him to be safe tonight so I could continue to document these priceless faces. I wasn’t a bit surprised when Leah was sent packing, after all did anyone think she would have enough votes to beat him if Elizabeth didn’t?

So Bill. we’ll see you next week and you better bring it on. It won’t matter how good anyone else is, you’ve got the universe in your corner. So just once, make it look like you really can dance after all.

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