The Chicago Cubs: in twenty years I hope I don't have to write this

The Chicago Cubs: in twenty years I hope I don't have to write this

Dear Cubs,

It’s 2033. I am 75 years old and I have been with you guys a long time. Since 1969. Hell that’s a couple of lifetimes to some. But one thing has never changed: you still haven’t won a World Series.

I stopped going to games back in 2013. I went to your last home game on September 24, 2013. You lost but interestingly, the ballpark was packed. The bars were packed after and I remember thinking that everyone was acting like you’d won and that was the problem.

Now here it is twenty years later and you still have not won what I have now waited nearly my whole lifetime for. I’m a two time cancer survivor and I’ve always held out the hope that I would live long enough to feel that feeling. The euphoria of you, my boys, winning the big one. But it just never happens.

The city of Chicago has spent millions renovating Wrigley Field. It is a shadow of it’s former self with new stands, sky boxes and concessions. The retractable top was the most ridiculous expense as the view from the rooftop seatings were ruined and are long gone. But no matter what you have done, you have never invested the money where it needs to be: on good players.

Now I’m a gal that goes waaaay back to the days of the 1969 Cubs. Does anyone even remember them anymore? That’s when the team was a team. Long before high salaries became a way of life and we couldn’t afford or weren’t willing to pay for the players that will win us titles. At least there are still the statues of the great ones outside the park. At least you haven’t taken those away.

I had a friend that wrote a book called “100 Things Cub Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die”. It was written in 2012. The beginning was devoted to watching the Cubs win a world series. Yet, here it is, 21 years later and we are all still waiting. So I have some advice to the owners of the team.

Stop spending money to update a ball park that was fine the way it was. Stop investing in new ways to make fans comfortable. People stopped coming to Wrigley to watch baseball a long time ago. They go to Wrigley because it’s a fun place to hang out for an afternoon or evening. And now they can’t even get rained on. The more comfortable you’ve made the fans, the less they have cared about the game.

Take away beer sales. You’ll then notice the park is empty. Spend a couple of years investing in players that will fill your park for all the right reasons. People will want to come from all over just to see this new phenomenon: a winning Cubs team with seasoned good players that are exciting to watch. People will pay attention. Then gradually add back the beer. But ONLY when you see people coming to watch THE GAME.

I don’t know how much longer I’ll be around. I want to get back to Wrigley but only when I can see a good baseball game. We all have some kind of bucket list, whether it’s something we share or not. I’ve been fortunate to knock a lot of things off that list. Seeing a world series win by the Cubs would be something I can’t even describe.

Don’t let it go any longer. For God’s sake the last win was 1908. How many wars, Presidents and team managers can we go through?

It’s time. Make it happen. Or let’s pave that paradise called Wrigley and put up a parking lot.

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