Project Runway and Michael Kors: Oh how I've missed him!

Project Runway and Michael Kors: Oh how I've missed him!

Tonight’s episode of Project Runway had the one element I have been missing all season: Michael Kors commentaries. Or Michael Kors in general. Sometimes the age old saying, “you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone” holds so very true.

This has been a good season so far with regards to designing. There are some very talented people…okay, some not so much. The not so much ones have been leaving as they should and each week the judges comments are repetitive, boring and predictable. Even the guest judges haven’t added much levity to the show.

So tonight, he was back. Not just HE. Top American Designer and CFDA Lifetime Achievement award winner HE. He who has (in my opinion) been the one and only judge who is completely in tune with every design that walks that runway. And has the most hilarious commentaries when he doesn’t like something.

Let’s face it: other than the runway show the program has become nothing short of a 90 minute ad placement commercial. Each week we start out with the HP design tablets and the Brother sewing machines. We have promoted Lexus automobiles and spring water. We send the models to the Loreal Hair and Make-up room. We are asked to use the Belk accessory wall thoughtfully. Tonight we promoted Heidi Klum’s line of New Balance Athletic Wear.

Tim Gunn’s “schtick” is getting old. We know he is going to ask the designers to “make it work”. We know he will tell the losing designer to “go to the workroom and clean up your space”. Blah, blah, blah. But we never get bored with Michael. We never know what he is going to say; what line he will deliver with precision that sends me into full belly laugh mode.

His comments tonight to “poopy pants” designer Alexandria were priceless. Having designed a jacket, tee shirt and pants his opening line: “Well, if you want guys to leave you alone in the gym wear that look, no one’s talking to you. I mean ’cause first off you can’t move, second off, you pooped in your pants and the pockets…put your hands in the pockets..pleasure me pockets, they’re a little creepy where they are, they’re creepy ’cause no one will talk to you”.

This was followed by Michael rendering himself unable to speak as he was laughing so hard. It was a classic Kors moment and made me realize just how much the show needs that with and humor to keep things fresh and enjoyable. For more Kors “isms” click here.

To eliminated designer Karen during the critique: (remember this was an activewear competition) “Her activity looks like she’s going to a buffet on a cruise. I mean, she could put cookies in her pockets”.

We had another season when Michael was absent and it was just as dull. Zac Posen does try to fill that void and while he may be a talented designer, he just can’t fill his shoes.

It’s hard after so many seasons to keep a show fresh. Formats are changed, judges are replaced, controversial contestants are brought on. (Cue, Sandro). But humor, and a steady stream of it when he’s around, can keep things interesting for a long, long time.

Just listen to this:

Need I say more?

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