Jodi Arias guilty: it's what we've waited for but it's still a sad day

Jodi Arias guilty: it's what we've waited for but it's still a sad day

Jodi is guilty.

I’ve waited to hear this verdict for many months now. It’s what so many people have waited for, prayed for. Yet I don’t find myself feeling elated. I find myself just plain sad.

Last week I was looking at pictures of Jodi that were pre murder trial, pre all this crazy madness that has transpired. She was a pretty girl once upon a time. Nice smile, cute dimples. In pictures with Travis she looked so happy. He looked happy as well. And now, Travis is dead and Jodi may as well be. It’s what she is wishing for.

I think this case has captured the attention it has because so much of it defies logic. It’s hard to look at her in those earlier pictures and see evil. It’s so hard to imagine that that dimpled girl was capable of such a vicious crime. But to me, it always defies logic that people commit murder in the first place.

During an early interview with Jodi, she spoke of Travis Alexander’s love of life, his love of travel and many other positive things about him. Yet, she chose to end his life and take away all the opportunities he had. She took away his family’s joy of having a brother and a son.

I find myself sad for Jodi that she chose the path she did. Sad that she chose to tell the myriad of lies she told and behave in a way that truly makes one question how a person can commit murder and straight faced deny it. Or attempt to justify it. It’s just hard to feel happiness that one life was ended and another may as well be.

So, will Jodi receive the death penalty? Up until today I had said yes, she should. Not that I have ever been a proponent of it whatsoever but it seemed as though there were no other option. But now I don’t know how I feel. Does an eye for an eye really make things better? Does it solve anything at all? Sometimes I feel that life in prison is a better sentence. Let the guilty one live with the memory of what they did, everyday.

She claims that she hopes she gets the death penalty as she can’t fathom life in prison. Tell me, what do you think? Should the courts give her what she wants or should she spend the rest of her life behind bars? Watch this and let’s help decide if she should get what she wants.

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