The Chicago Cubs: Hope is all we'll ever have

Once upon a time I was an 11 year old kid who spent every waking moment possible at Wrigley Field. And I had the highest of hopes. Even after I watched them crumble in 1969 (thanks black cat), I had hope. Hope, hope, hope. That my friends is all any Cub fan has to hold onto.

In the book “100 Things Cubs Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die” , written by our very own Chicagonow community manager Jimmy Greenfield, he says it all: “If you’re a true Cubs fan, there’s winning the World Series and then there’s everything else. And everything else doesn’t even come close”. “When Cubs fans dream about winning the World Series, they risk falling into a coma. It’s that deep, that intense, and unless you’ve spent your life being told it can never happen, will never happen, and won’t happen, you can’t possibly know the depths of a Cubs fan’s hopes and dreams”. Whew. AMEN.

Yesterday I went to Wrigley Field to watch them play the San Francisco Giants. You know, the Giants that WON the World Series last year. The ones that got to feel that feeling. The feeling that we as Cubs fans would die for. We lost. And should I dare say of course we lost? Because that’s a typical happening these days/years and yet we fill the ballpark. It was freezing and overcast yesterday yet the park had 35,000 hopeful fans (okay, yesterday there were a lot of Giants fans, but still).

As that young girl of 11 is now 55, I’ve watched a lot of Cubs games. I’ve taken occasional breaks, sometimes even for a few years to avoid the pain. Yet, there is never a time I don’t walk into Wrigley Field with the same hope I had as when I was that young girl of 11, a left field bleacher bum, praying for our boys to win. And win it all.

In the movie Shawshank Redemption, Andy Dufresne speaks of Hope. This my friends is what being a Cubs fan is all about.

“Hope Is a Good Thing, Maybe the Best of Things, and No Good Thing Ever Dies.”

So now that we have a severed goat’s head to show us the curse is over, let’s hope. And hope. and hope.

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