Jodi Arias trial: still not over and costing millions

Jodi Arias trial: still not over and costing millions

Sorry, not millions. 1.4 million to be exact. This trial is ending its third month and is seriously starting to feeling like the Iranian hostage crisis. That lasted 444 days. We have awhile to go but with the way the Defense is dragging on and pulling “key” witnesses and “experts” out of their asses we may go that long.

Jodi herself was on the stand for 18 days. It’s so strange when we watch a televised real trial v a weekly show such as a Law and Order. The Law and Order trials are over in five minutes!! Ba Da Bing, Ba Da Boom, conviction. Here we just drag on day after day, week after week and with it all, more money spent.

Here is a link to what Radar Online calls the “most important crime scene photos“. For anyone who has followed the trial, there is only one photo which is a tell all that she is guilty and the self defense claim is BS. The picture that shows where his stab wounds were IN HIS BACK. Someone please, for the love of God tell me how stabbing someone IN THE BACK is protecting yourself.

There’s also the slit throat. I’m no expert but how does someone who is defending themselves against a person much larger and stronger have the ability to slit a throat from ear to ear, all the way to his spinal cord. Call me crazy but I JUST DON’T GET IT.

Recently while listening to HLN News (all I do lately but am started to get bored and angry) an attorney explained how over charging a defendant can sometimes end in a mistrial or an acquittal. A death penalty charge here is considered over charging in his opinion (he claims that Casey Anthony was over charged and that’s why she was acquitted as the reasonable doubt becomes of the utmost importance).  There’s already been a few attempts to declare a mistrial however, I cannot imagine an acquittal in this case.

For those living under a rock, Jodi is accused of brutally murdering her ex boyfriend Travis Alexander. The prosecution is trying to prove it was premeditated, and I agree. She went to his house with every intention of murdering him. Shot in the face, stabbed 27 times and a slit throat are not self defense. This trial is a travesty of justice, a complete waste of taxpayers money.

This week the prosecution will cross examine yet another expert witness. A domestic violence expert that claims Jodi was abused by Travis. The attorney, Juan Martinez will beat her up as he has every other expert and then the Defense will surely come up with someone else. It’s like the neverending story. Enough already.

I’d like to run a contest for who is the closest to guessing when the trial will end. Enter your guess in the comments section. The winner will guest post on my blog their take on the whole trial. My guess is another month. What do you think?

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