I am a Jew, not a JAP so stop the ethnic slurs

I am a Jew, not a JAP so stop the ethnic slurs

I am a Jew. Yep, Jewish. Not a JAP (Jewish American princess), Kike, Heeb, Jewbrew, Jewbag or a six pointed nickel nose oven magnet. None of these. I am simply a person of the Jewish faith. I am not cheap, a penny pincher or a member of a Jew crew. I was born into the faith, have practiced the faith, believe in the faith and that’s that. So why do people think it’s okay to make cracks and comments about it? Why do people find it “funny” or a “joke” to call me a JAP??

I don’t have to defend myself. No one should have to defend who and what they are.

What about other ethnicities? Why is it that nearly every group of people in the world has to deal with being stereotyped and no one is allowed to just BE who they are?

Today I found myself defensive and upset when I was “jokingly” called a JAP. At first I found myself saying things like, “but I work” and “I clean my house” and other ridiculous forms of defense against the comment. Then I simply said “hey, I shouldn’t have to defend myself. I am sensitive about this and I’d appreciate if you’d not say those things”. The response was of course “but I was only joking”.


Would I joke with a Hispanic person by saying something derogatory about their race? Would I make a crack that they wear wife beater tee shirts and drive cars with too many people in them? NO.

Would I joke with an Indian and call him or her a dot head? Would I make a crack about charming snakes? NO.

And what about African Americans? A friend of mine who happens to be one told me today that the word “Nigga” is used by so many groups of people now. He wondered if those people even  know they’re being rude or cruel. Now, would you ever call an African American a “nigga”  and then say you were only kidding? NO.

If you google ethnic slurs you’ll come up with more than you bargained for. Stereotypical behaviors? Same thing.

I don’t believe that when people say they’re joking about making off color remarks that they really are. I believe they think that it’s ok because they SAY they are joking. It’s a cover; it’s bull.

So, before you make a comment to someone that involves their race or religion I have a suggestion.


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