The Bachelor: Girls please stop participating in this twisted attempt at love

The Bachelor: Girls please stop participating in this twisted attempt at love

I’ve admitted to watching The Bachelor many times prior to this season. It’s always been like a fascinating train wreck to me – call it my gaper’s block so to speak. I can’t stop watching even though I know that it’s mindless, ridiculous, staged, cruel and sad.  Sure, this season has had it’s share of hilarious moments, courtesy of Tierra the Tierrorist but overall it’s turning out to be JUST. PLAIN. CRUEL.

Sean Lowe, our current bachelor and arguably the most boring one ever has been having a field day putting his dates up to stunts, challenges and strange dining. Polar ice dips, jumping off buildings, roller derby, swimming in pitch black caves and eating bugs. He wants a fun girl, up for any challenge. Would he have sent Lindsay home if she hadn’t eaten the bugs? I’m guessing yes.

Watching tonight was like three rounds of deja vu. They are all his best friends. They all make him happy. He can see himself married to any one of them. They all go to the fantasy suite (although according to tabloid headlines our guy is a born again virgin and won’t do the deed again until he is married to one of these girls). Ashley bared her soul to this guy. On national TV.  He told her tonight that he knew from the beginning they had something. She described the engagement ring she wanted. Then he dumped her. How utterly humiliating and embarrassing. I would have slapped him. Hard.

The girl had issues with trust before the show. She allowed herself to fall in “love” and got her heart broken. As so many girls have had done before her. So why oh why do girls keep setting themselves up for this?

Girls, stop the madness. Most of you that end up on the show are attractive; seemingly nice. You have careers. There are better ways to find a guy. If the bachelor is the only way you think you can find someone, I feel sad for you. I imagine many of you are looking to be discovered, or be the next Bachelorette if you aren’t chosen in your season. Or, you are just dying to be on Bachelor Pad and really degrade every fiber of your being.

I am personally so sick of Chris Harrison and his “Ladies, this is the final rose tonight”. The angst on the girls faces. The drive off in the limo scene with the girl weeping. Why do the girls all choose to possibly subject themselves to this??

If you have a heart made of stone go for it. If you have feelings, have any sense of pride – stop before you ever put your pen to paper. Don’t become as Ashley did – “the total reject”.

There is nothing that would make me happier than both girls walking away from him at the end.

Now THAT would make for some great TV.

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