Super Bowl XLVII: Excited because this marks the end of football season

Super Bowl XLVII: Excited because this marks the end of football season
Move those lips girl!

First of all, what number does XLVII translate to? And why Roman numerals? Is football so traditional and/or antiquated that we need to use them? Can’t we just get the number?

Now, down to business. Let me begin by saying this: I HATE FOOTBALL. I know, I know. Throw your rotten tomatoes and foam number one fingers at me. I just hate it. In all the years I’ve been around it, I just don’t get it. Remember that scene in the movie BIG where John Heard mocks Tom Hanks when he claims “I don’t get it” about a new product idea?

That’s how I feel about football and I don’t mind being mocked about it. To me, football is just dumb. A way for a bunch of guys to run around and play catch while pounding each other. Brain injuries, spinal injuries, knees, legs, etc all getting hurt. Dumb. Plus for a good part of the season, it’s just too damned cold. This is why I hate the injury part: (Worst injury in Super Bowl history, hate seeing the guys leg basically twist in every wrong direction)

Even in high school when I was on the pom pon squad, I had to feign my interest in the sport. I was more interested in our half time performance and the quarterback.

I know I am out of the loop on this one. And it’s not just a man thing. I have female friends that wouldn’t miss a Bears game to save their lives. My husband is psychotic about taping games. We must not forget to tape the show after to ensure we don’t miss an overtime game. Our DVR is loaded with games so we can watch the play by play over and over. I should say HE, not WE.

So today as millions tune in to Super Bowl whatever the hell number it is, I will be occasionally checking in for the commercials. Those are about the only redeeming features to the program that I can see. The half time performances are always interesting as well; Janet Jackson flashing a nipple, Madonna attempting to be 20 when she just isn’t. You know, things like that.

This year’s half time should only be interesting for one reason. To see if Beyonce’s lips follow the music. Hopefully she won’t look like the old Japanese King Kong movies.

And then it will be over. I’m usually excited at shows that premiere following the game. I will always remember the first episode of “The Wonder Years” that came on right after the game in 1988. But I don’t remember anything about the game.

So after tomorrow, the TV will be all about basketball, then golf and baseball as it heads into spring. I don’t mind those as much. Love basketball, tolerate golf and definitely love baseball. People will have either won or lost money in their football pools and mourn the end of another season.

And as they walk around with their sad faces, I am overjoyed. Another season down. Done.

Sorry folks, I don’t see anything Super about it.

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