Dear Brain: Can I switch you off please?

Dear Brain: Can I switch you off please?
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Nope, not dear Brian, dear Brain. This is not a typo. I would like to formally request that I somehow, some way gain the ability to turn off my brain for just a short while. I would like to do this at least once a day and particularly at night.

Right now I am typing this and my mind is racing. It always does. Every single moment I am awake, there are so many things running through this brain that it makes it tough to think straight. I’ve already determined that I could use adderall, LOTS of adderall but since I can’t get my Doctor to give me any, and I don’t have access to score any at a college campus, I spend my life like this.

This afternoon for about fifteen minutes my husband and I wrestled with our dog to clip his nails. For those fifteen minutes my mind was strangely clear. But I can’t clip dog toenails every day to clear my head. I have a job. I am self employed. And therein lies a big part of the problem.

All I think about is work. Work, work, work. I am in commissioned sales so I wake up every day, basically unemployed unless I sell something. And those sales only come with pavement pounding and hard work. And that equates to constant thinking, thinking and thinking some more.

I also think about my future. I think about my girls and their future. I think about my father and his future. I think about my house and what I want to do to it. I think about the vacations I would love to be on. I think about which doctors appointments I should be making. I think about what groceries I need. I think about the laundry I need to do. I think about the bills I need to pay. I think about the things I think about. And this is all by the time I’ve been awake for fifteen minutes.

So, I would like someone to invent a brain switch. I’d like my brain to turn off at night when I lay down to try and sleep. I don’t want to be kept awake thinking about the 4,000 things I want or need to do. I don’t want to lay awake thinking about how I can come up with the next big idea/invention that is going to make me a million bucks so I can retire. I just want to lay down, flip that switch and get a good, peaceful nights sleep.

I want to wake up in the morning, turn on the switch on, work my day and then switch it off at will. When I want to think, I will. When I don’t want to, I won’t. This is how brains should work. Mine is is such constant overdrive I’m afraid it’s just going to wear itself out.


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